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This site strives to be the most thorough and comprehensive listing of Genesis & related commercial and promotional releases. Such thoroughness depends on the contributions of many. If you know of something not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me to point it out and get it listed. Many thanks to the following:

"King Lerch": "The Genesis Museum" for initial online hosting support and ongoing encouragment
Bruno Tegano: for pretty much 90% of the Genesis LP info
Per: invaluable basis info on FGTR releases
Tommaso Ridolfi: "
The Intruder" for PG info
Mr. Mozo: for PG rarities and info
Mino: for G rarities scans and unwavering willingness to answer questions and provide insights
Dave Lewis: for scans and tireless devotion to the accuracy of 7" Genesis singles details
"Vision of Angel": some of the older G single scans
Sharon Rose: PG soundtrack and compilation info
Lake of Silence for Tony Banks details.
Ian Barrow
: "Please Don't Touch"
Scott McMahon: "
The Genesis Discography"
Max Demont: "Counting Out Time"
Martin Sedivy: "Historie Rael" for his initial support and encouragement

... and to all the many (too many) to mention who have contributed bits and pieces of information, scans, suggestions, donations. Without your generous contributions this site would not continue to survive and grow.