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I recently (finally) acquired what I thought was the "Genesis: A Retrospective - The Singles Collection." Much to my surprise, while it was titled similarly, it had "(Version 2)" on the cover. Never having seen a cover for this box set I assumed it was the supposed reissue of the first that had a different cover. But upon receipt and inspection, I found it was something different.

This "version 2" box set had not only a different cover, but a different catalog number and a different set of singles inside as well. I've listed this box as a different version from the original, as it clearly is not the same thing. But, as I haven't got any copies of the first issue, I can't corroborate if this "version 2" set is in fact a third iteration of the 7" singles box sets, or if it is in fact the "re-issue with a different cover" referred to in the original listing. More so I now wonder if the original listing is incorrect in that it says the re-issue had the same catalog number. I've been unable to have my source of the original info confirm one way or the other.

Anyone else out there have or have seen such a box set? And if so, have you seen the one I've got photos of (the "version 2") or the originals? I would love to clear this one up. (Would also love to get the first issue(s).. hint, hint...) Please go to
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