The Genesis collecting world was stunned this March at the discovery of what appears to be a promotional issue 7" of the "A Winter's Tale / One Eyed Hound" single found on the Decca label, but in this case on the London label. The release date on the label states it to be released 10-5-68 along with "Made in England." Some hand writing on the label has a date written as 5-10-68 and the letters "ACC." Initial presumptions are that this is a UK export issue for the US market, given the London label's coverage of that market and the US format for the written date.

The single however raises more questions upon greater consideration. The owner is unknown to all but one person. That person, apart from announcing the find has not provided or has not managed to obtain any additional information on the piece.

The lack of information however raises more questions as time goes on.

While its only been a few days, a number of collectors searching archives and internet images have yet to find one example of a single on the London label with this style of label. They vary, but none look like this one.

The label, instead is far more akin to the Decca labels of the time:

What is also curious is that only a few month's prior to the issue of this single the "Silent Sun / That's Me" single, issued on the Decca label in the UK as was this one, was issued in the US on the Parrot label, a subsidiary of London records.

Many singles of the time were issued on that label or the London version of it. Why would this single not have been released on that label?
Only a few months prior, the same band issued a single in the US on the Parrot label, why was this one not so issued?
If this promo was issued for export to some other country, (and then on a unique label) why is the handwritten date in US format?

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English)
I fully suspect more information will be forthcoming over the next few days and weeks and I'll keep things up to date here as best I can, so stay tuned.