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July, 2002
Vol.1, Issue 3: Steve Hackett at B.B. King June 28, 2002, 8pm

For a change of pace, here's a quick pictorial and review of the Steve Hackett show at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in NYC on June 28th. These photos were from the early (8pm) show. I must say I was not exactly in my most "note-taking, keep a record of what tracks are played" mood, so I haven't got a clear set list to report. But the flip side is I had a GREAT time at really solid show.

The show started with a track I've not heard before, "Mechanical Bride". It is not up my alley of tastes, but it rocked nonetheless. Following that was a medley, which to my memory was Myopia/Los Endos(intro)/Hackett to Bits/Ace of Wands. "Watcher of the Skies" followed that played from intro and segued to the finale. Hi-lights I do recall were "Spectral Mornings", "Everyday" and "The Steppes" all played in their entirety (woohoo!). "Vampyre with a Healthy Appetite" was also one played in its entirety and must say its a track that really grows on me every time I hear it, and to see it live only makes it better. There was an acoustic track (from Sketches?) but he played it on the Les Paul (I guess he gave up on the acoustic guitar after the New Jersey show's problems.) After a short "talking" break to remember John Entwistle the band just mezmerized the place with "In Memoriam". That song is strong as it is, but live with an intro like that it was breathtaking. There was a nice Genesis grouping of "Hairless Heart" and "Firth of Fifth". "Walking Away From Rainbows" was in there somewhere, too, along with "Camino Royale". "Darktown" as usual got the hair standing on end. One special moment hi-light for me was seeing Steve do a live sample of the bit of sound used for "Darktown Riot" (for lack of better description the "eeyeah-eeyeah-eeyeah...": he made the sound right there, sampling it in as we watched and then used it for the number. Excellent!

Given the show was the first of a "double header" (I have *no* idea how they do it!) it felt like a track or two had been left out. But over-all a full show and well worth the ten year wait! I must say the crowd (that had totally packed the place) was great (with the usual hecklers calling for "Supper's Ready" and I must admit, our table calling for "Entangled") as well as Steve's jovial reactions to the same. The band also all played really well together. I missed who the players were, and am assuming John Hackett was on winds. The band also included a bassist, keyboardist and drummer. BB King's is not a tiny place but its not too big either: we were in one of the far tables on the raised floor to stage right at the back and had no problem seeing all the details of his playing. I'll admit I wormed my way to the floor for the Los Endos encore ... I just *have* to watch him do that up close!

Final hi-light for me was hanging after the show and getting a roadie to take back a piece for his signature (Steve was apparently *not* going to come out between shows and I couldn't stay for the second shift in hopes that he might). When I popped out the Pirelli promo picture sleeve that I had nervously brought with me, I didn't have to do much convincing for the guy to take it back for a shot at it. Thanks again, John if you're reading this!

And of course, "Thanks Steve Hackett!" Come back soon! no... really, I mean it... SOON! ;-)

Steve Hackett, June 28, 2002 NYC.
(Gimme a break, I was using a pocket digital with no flash and 1.3mp resolution...)

Floating somewhere down the Firth of Fifth...

In Memoriam...

Los Endos!!! (chop-chop..chop-chop!)
(I think he should use this one for his next single sleeve, "The Show II")

And my special treat...