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August, 2002
Vol.1, Issue 4: Peter Gabriel "UP" and "The Barry Williams Show"

  Peter Gabriel's new and long awaited album titled "UP" is scheduled for release in the US on September 24th, 2002. A promo CD of the album is circulating slowly, the most notable aspect of it being the inclusion of the track "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" that has now been clearly left off the expected release of "UP". Additional tidbits of release quirks; the Japanese release (on EMI, see the discography section) is reported to be planned to have 2 CDs (!?) The catalog numbers would attest to the fact that there will be a second CD, but it is not clear what will be on it. (I'll post an update once I actually get it) One website selling this release referred to "bonus tracks" but it is in no way clear if these are unreleased tracks or, as some have surmised, the addition of "Rabbit Proof Fence".
Above is the current cover art for the new release, with the photo by Susan Derges (see this website for more on her photography.) If you look closely at the water drops, you can see PG's face refracted in them, (his face being the one out of focus on the overall cover,) as in the scan at right from PG's website.The real question now is... has he shaved off the beard? or was the photo taken 8 years ago??. Guess we'll have to wait and see during the tour scheduled for October / November.  
  Additional excitement has been stirred "UP" by the new single "The Barry Williams Show" already released for airplay (at least in the US) and expected to be released for sale September 9th. The track is being played in both the "Unadulterated Edit" and the "Adulterated" version with "sensitive" words mumbled. Beats a bleep, I guess... See the discography section of this site for more info on the different releases known to date and various b-sides expected.
That's it for now, until more gets released... Thanks to Gary Best for the cover scans, check his site for nearly daily news updates. Look forward to next month's Discography News section, I'm still awaiting a few more odd-ball releases of the Peter Gabriel remasters I've found and hope to have a run-down on the different issues out there soon...